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Hi, I’m Renee.

Welcome to Writing With Kids.

I created this site for writers like you who want to make writing a priority without sacrificing their role as a parent. You can lead a busy life and be a productive, successful writer!

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Why You Are Here?

I suspect you are here for the same reason that drove me to create in the first place. You are a person who often plays a dual, even triple role where you are forced to juggle writing, parenthood, and working. If you are honest with yourself, sometimes the item that’s dropped is your writing because you have prioritized everything else.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. How do I know? Because I can relate. I am a wife, a mother, a teacher, a business owner, and a writer. My role as a writer used to get pushed aside in my daily grind to fulfill my responsibilities. However, writing and being a writer are just as important as my other responsibilities, and I had to figure out a way to make writing a priority without sacrificing everything else. 

And you can too. You're here because you realize it is time to put your writing first. You're here because you are a parent, an employee, an entrepreneur who wants to learn how to navigate being a parent, a professional, and a writer successfully.  I’m here to show you it's possible to wear multiple hats and still find time to write. The trick is to make sure you keep your writing and your writing goals at the forefront while you juggle life's responsibilities. I can help you with that.

It's time to establish your writing habit! It's time to publish that poem, that story, that blog, that book you always dreamed of! Writing With Kids can guide you through the steps. Click the button below to sign up for my weekly tips and resources to help you juggle being a writer and a parent. Don't let the fact that your busy get in the way of you being a writer.

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     I am . . .

a wife, a mother, a writer, a high school literature teacher, an adjunct English professor, a blogger, an entrepreneur, a coach, and so much more!

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Who Am I?

I am a writer who loves the power of words to the decree that I am surrounded by them every day. I have twenty-plus years of experience as a staff writer, a teacher (Pre-K to College), a freelancer, an editor, and a coach. I have a bachelor’s degree in English, a bachelor’s degree in Journalism, a master of fine arts in creative writing, and a master of arts in secondary education.   

In addition, I am the co-owner of TLM Language Services, LLC, where I help writers hone their craft. I'm also the creator behind, which helps writers and professionals who are parents to accomplish their writing goals. At Writing With Kids, my weekly blog features advice and resources about navigating writing while keeping up with kids and other responsibilities.

Not only am I a writer, a teacher, and an entrepreneur, but I am also a wife and a mother of two princesses who are under the age of ten. So, I understand what it takes to craft a quality story while juggling being a parent and other duties. But it can be do. I did it. I'm doing it, and you can too. 

Being a writer doesn't mean you have to be locked in a mutually exclusive club of one. Yes, at times, writing can be lonely, but that doesn't mean we as writers have to be alone. The truth is, we (writers) enrich our stories when we enjoy life and let others in, whether it's our families, other writers, or mentors who help us reach our potential. It's this innate desire to connect, to communicate that has helped me to become the writer, educator, and coach needed to help writers reach their writing goals.

It's your turn to reach your writing goals. Don't let being a parent or other responsibilities stop you. I can help you reach your writing goals. 

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Then, sign up for my mailing list! Take the first step to make your writing a priority. Once you do, I will send you my free writing challenge to start you on your writing journey!

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